Residential Security

Natures Finest provides security check points, Fire Guard inspections, patrols, vertical inspections (Verticals), perimeter checks, and equipment...

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Entertainment Security

Prevention is your best line of defense. Our Body Guards are trained to notice threatening situations before they occur. They provide a buffer...

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Commercial Security

Natures Finest Security takes care of the obtainment of, background check, training, and scheduling of your Security Guards.

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Professional Employees


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Security Resource Center

How To Hire Security in New York City and Around the World
How To Hire Security in New York City and Around the World

The journey from applicant to a security officer at our company is a meticulous process and one that we take very seriously. Only the best talents are selected and evaluated for their potential.

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Your Security is Our Commitment
Your Security is Our Commitment

Our confidence in our systems and our people is backed by our commitment to service. No other local security company can match our guarantee simply because they cannot do what we do.

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The security officers Nature’s Finest employs are highly trained, experienced and motivated, which is why I highly recommend Nature’s Finest Service, to be used on any level of security. Many of my colleagues have spoken highly of NFS, Inc. as well.

Charles Barron

As a major real estate developer with over $500,000,000.00 in assets which includes residential, commercial and retail properties, and eleven hotels, I have requested the security services of Natures Finest on numerous occasions and have come to expect nothing less than a courteous and professional staff that caters well to the demands of my clientele.

Mike Roberts

No one compares to Natures Finest Security Team. When I leave my home everyday and look at other Security companies, none compare to Natures Finest in service, uniform and Customer Service

Vanessa Mc LaurinProperty Manager, David Chavis Apartments

I can honestly say, I have dealt with a lot of companies but Natures Finest is the best thus far and I want to continue the relationship. I love the Management team and their attention to detail. They are very professional.

Affil CruzCarver Bank, Facilities Manager

We have had the same guard provided to us by Natures Finest for the majority of the four years. He has evolved from just being a guard to being an important part of our team here at Rush Communications

Rush Communications

Finding Sherwood and Nature’s Finest was a blessing. They were attentive, respectful to our guests and went above and beyond the call of duty. For example Nature’s Finest scheduled a separate security walk-through, attended special performances at our selected venue prior to our event to get a sense of venue set-up and potential crowd control problems, and reached out to the local precinct to form a comfortable relationship with the police department, the venue and our company – all unbeknownst to me. They were there from beginning to end. As a result, for the first time in our company’s history both our venue and the precinct have welcomed us back with open arms for 2009. Thanks to Sherwood and Nature’s Finest we had a secure event all without breaking our production budget. For these reasons, I have to thank Sherwood and Nature’s Finest. They did an excellent job and I would highly recommend this company to service all of your security needs.

The Annual Mixtape Awards

The 24-hour service company provided security for one of our multi-unit residential buildings which was originally plagued by a variety of social ills, to include blatant drug usage, squatters and loitering. The company has been instrumental in helping us make drastic changes within and around the building. The illicit activity has ceased, the property is stabilized and the tenants are pleased.

Bridge Street Development Corporation

CCM hired Nature’s Finest to provide security at the Beacon School located in PS138. Three officers including a security coordinator ensured the safety of the building facilities and the program participants. Security officers were also responsible for round logs and mandating the incoming traffic at the front door."