About Us 



Natures Finest Security, LLC. is a specialized security firm in the New York City Area. Our experienced management and highly trained security teams are well versed in the needs of our clients. We Know New York!

You can categorize our core services into two categories, Security guards and Body Guards. Clients need Security Guards for asset protection in real-estate settings, retail or other corporate applications. Body Guards provide personal protection and prevention services for Corporate Executives, V.I.P.’s dignitaries, performers and other people requiring protection. What is unique about Natures Finest is our lower tiers of management. Compared to huge, nationwide security companies, Natures Finest is able to be less rigid regarding our client’s specific needs. In most cases one of the companies owners personally consult with the clients to find out what aspects of our services are most important. We than match up the skill level, talents and personality of the guards based on the best-suspected fit. Although we are not a massive company we have put in place a set standardized procedures with checks and balances to ensure that we provide quality services.