Natures Finest Security takes care of the obtainment of, background check, training, and scheduling of your Security Guards.

In most cases an owner of Natures Finest Security will personally sit down with you and find out the requirements of your business. We will then match up the skill level, experience and personality of the most appropriate guard or guards for your business. For whatever reason the guard does not fit into the corporate climate of your business we can send other qualified candidates.

Our large pool of employees assures you that there is always many more trained Security Guards available to fit into your situation, your schedule and to exceed your expectations.

It all starts with promptness.

Our guards find out quickly that delays and tardiness are not tolerated. You expect coverage at the moment the shift starts and that is exactly what you get. If for whatever reason the guard is not on-time disciplinary action will be taken that can lead to termination. Obviously, our Guards do not want to lose their job so they take scheduling seriously.


NFS believes that appearance is vital to enhance the performance of duty by its security officers. NFS places great emphasis on ensuring that all of our officers wear clean and complete uniforms at all times.

Per the client’s request, this uniform can be the familiar police uniform or formal business attire.

NFS provides the best quality uniforms. We at NFS believe that in addition to a team of highly trained security officers, a professional appearance is one of the factors to effectively deter complications.