Residential Security begins with eight fundamental practices:

  • The Client is first priority
  • Development of Superior Management
  • Providing quality service, products and personnel
  • Selecting the most qualified personnel
  • Requiring rigorous training practices to assure excellent performances
  • Providing 24- hour monitoring security operations command center
  • Implementing the NFS superior supervision standard
  • Incorporating a quality assurance program

There is a difference between an apartment and a “Home”. One of the human basic needs is security and Natures Finest Security, LLC. will be there to help protect the privacy, safety, and security of residents and the residential Real Estate.

Natures Finest provides security check points, Fire Guard inspections, patrols, vertical inspections (Verticals), perimeter checks, and equipment maintenance inspections and reporting.

What is a Vertical?

A Vertical is a security patrol where the Security officer covers every hall of every floor (and stair well) of the entire building from top to bottom.

Fire Guards

A fire guard has an extra license from the fire department. Fire Guards are used in any building where there are multiple residential dwellings. They are trained beyond the core training of a security officer to do safety inspections, overlook fire evacuation procedures, and inspect the premises for hazards or faulty lighting or equipment that needs repair.

In the event of the emergency they will guide residents and be especially aware of residents with special needs.

Natures Finest goes beyond the minimum legal requirements:

By law, some buildings require a fire guard based on specific guidelines. Natures Finest Security believes that the function of a Fire Guard is so important that we use Fire Guards in any multi-dwelling residence whether it is required by law or not.

There will be at least one Fire Guard rotated in to a shift in any given day. One person on that tour in a 24 hour day has a Fire Guard License.

Fire Guard and Maintenance Reports

Security officers and Fire Guards will continuously write up reports bringing faulty maintenance item to the attention of our customer. This can ultimately save the client a lot of money preventing fines (from the fire inspectors) and unnecessary litigation (from tenants and visitors).

Reports Include:

An Activity Pro-log
A daily Pro-log
A quick summary of everything that happened in a 24 hour period
An incident report the client will get the following day
A maintenance report – items that need repair or attention