Natures Finest Security is trained to take advantage of any of our customer’s on-site or off-site monitoring equipment. Our officers are properly trained to monitor customer’s equipment, central stations and command centers.

A properly controlled security and safety program protects the people in the building, the assets within the building, as well as overall sense of being within the building. If tenants feel safe they are likely to stay.


Natures Finest can provide high tech surveillance equipment, state-of-the-art radios, metal detectors, and more.

Command Center

Natures Finest also has a 24 hour command center to provide around-the-clock operations and additional off-site monitoring for our clients.

Special Monitoring Equipment

Depending on the needs and requests of our customers, we can also utilize additional high-tech equipment including systems that downlink important support information to off-site security employees. These downlinks provide back-up video of what the on-site guards are currently looking at. Video feeds and data can be fed to Palm Pilots™, Laptop computers, pagers and even cell phones.